About Us


SEED • Mission

To create a community spirit of kindness through a simple business principle of selling time and quality, while allowing employees to return to a work environment allowable of family-first philosophy, customers to be cared for as family, and products which reduce and reuse our carbon footprints and educate the relationships between nature and people.


BLOOM • Philosophy

Everyone matters • It takes a village • Diversity is community • Change is growth.

There are no disabilities – only people with abilities beyond the normal. Aim to be humble and kind. 


GROW • Vision

To be globally recognized for impactful humanitarian work by educating communities through relationships of farming, science, healthcare, and industry simply by being kind.



About Queen Anne's Farmhouse and Flower Shoppe, LLC

"Building a stronger community, one flower at a time"

Founder and CEO, Melinda Smith, started Queen Anne’s Farmhouse and Flower Shoppe as a brick and mortar small town business. With a background in biology and teaching, she spent over a decade in healthcare realizing there was a disharmony to basic human needs and technology demands. There is a portion of humanity missing between the “pill for everything” and the

“technology-based button click away”. She found that most of her patients were simply missing and in need of some old fashion cures found in sunshine, playing in ‘dirt’, learning patience and surrounding life with kindness. Mrs. Smith utilized agratherapy concepts partnered with her passion of science, flowers and humanity to create a place where all may discover that her flowers are just not your average flower. Kindness is perhaps the best cure known. So whether you enjoy one of our farmhouse gifts, smell the beautiful flower bouquets, or spend time in one of our classes, you are most certain to leave as family and eager to return to her farmhouse with a friend.