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Interested in AGRATHERAPY?  Call us to set up small group or individual classes.  


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Class Descriptions



Enjoy some time away from the daily stress and pressures. Love class will focus on team building and communication through our various flower art media projects. 

No experience needed as we walk you step by step through your projects. 

Your next date night is a class away!



Friends night out! Sign up with your friends or come solo and make new friends! Joy class will focus on all things happy and focus on ways to build healthy friendships. Spend some time to interact and create your flower art media projects. No experience needed as we walk you step by step to complete. 



Needing a few hours to yourself? Searching for some zen? Look no further. Whether you are exhausted from life’s demands, healing from life’s rocky moments or grieving a loss, this is worth a try. Peace class will focus on self-care techniques in a support group atmosphere where you can share or keep to yourself while working on our various flower art media projects to find your peace. 

No experience needed as we walk you step by step to complete. 



Recent stroke? Starting to write and use scissors for school? Whether you are in preschool or 100 years of age, patience class will help you practice your fine motor skills as flower art media projects will be focused on utilizing fine motor skills to complete. There are no mess ups, just learning that no art is perfect, but perfection is art. 



Make one, Give one. Twice the practice in this class, so class lasts a bit longer. One of your projects will be taken to a local nursing home/shut in/hospital to spread kindness. If you have a facility in need, we are always looking to increase our community partners. Also a great class for family gift giving, employee recognition days, organizations for team building. 



Reduce, reuse, recycle. All flower art media projects will use and focus on being kind to nature. As much as possible, project materials will be recycled items to make your upcycle design. Great class for kids, artsy at heart, school/business projects. 




See website for membership options.

Special class times for members only.

Discounts apply. Most classes will have minimal direction, so you can create your flower art, but help is never far away! 

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membership discounts to apply.



Take some time to focus on your little and your little to know how much you value the time with them. Mom and me, dad and me, grandparent and me concept. Each class will be focused on family, non-digital quality time ideas while you work on your various flower art media rojects. We will walk you step by step through your project. This is a great class for foster parents to get to know their new kiddos at home as well. 



Struggling with PTSD, anger, ADHD, autism? This class focuses on sensory and self-calming flower art media projects. 

Learning patience, practicing calming techniques and realizing you are not alone help this class be a favorite to many.