Queen Anne's Field Trip and Leadership Events

We are committed to educating our youth and community members. Mondays are our day to close the shop and work in our community. The outreach events include topics geared towards science, nature, health and leadership. We have preplanned topics as listed below, and are always available to address your specific needs. In general, we ask $5/student to help cover some of our supply costs, in addition to a minimal booking fee. Individual prices for industry/healthcare varies based on time/employees/quantity, please call for more information.

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Life cycle of a seed + diet/exercise = bloom and grow

Plant a vegetable seed while learning about the process of the seed cycle. Relates to current guidelines of healthy eating habits and exercise.


Invigorating the senses + mindfulness = stop and smell nature

Smelling various items from nature (evergreens, fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc) in relation to brain balance and mindfulness practices as a way to purposefully get through the school day.


Bee education + kindness = be(e) kind

Bee awareness education partnered with a challenge for kindness makes this project focused on emotions, saying what you mean and detouring bully issues.


Animal behaviors + characteristics of fruits/vegetables = 

gentle leadership

This is a fun way to really get back to the basics. A children's book is selected as the basis for the specific leadership quality wanting to be addressed. Interactive engagement with the science behind animals and plants shines light on ways to view leadership.